Our Customers want one thing. The best most secure connection at the right time and place without all the hassle of identifying the best network. We take care of the details and let them enjoy the improved quality of experience (QoE)

The Intelligent Solution

Secure, no-touch, seamless, Wi-Fi/cellular transitions are the future of mobile connectivity. The intelligent offload decision is the most critical part of no-touch, seamless QoE. If follows that encryption secures your data.  If you want the highest level of QoE, then onboard intelligence should be entirely focused on how to Detect, Select, Connect, and Secure™ your device at the right time and place.



Forager Networks SWΛRM enables devices to automatically detect, select, connect and secure available Wi-Fi networks at the right time an place.

Because SWΛRM manages your Wi-Fi connection, SWΛRM can double buffering and connection performance; all while saving you money on your cellular plans by ensuring your data is on Wi-Fi, when it should be. Always Be Connected. Download it now at Google Play.


Download SWΛRM